What is The Alpha Urbane Project?

The Alpha Urbane Project is a platform that is committed towards championing enterprising young minds.

Our primary objective is to equip adolescents with the skills essential to tackle adversity and embrace opportunities that the 21st century has to offer. By instilling these skills, we seek to enrich personalities with confidence, and broaden horizons. We streamline the process of guiding young minds to think like members of the booming corporate, and international communities. This is done as the eventual step out of academics and into the real world depends heavily on one’s repertoire of soft skills. The development of these skills is a crucial preparatory step for aspiring game-changers.

Why The Alpha Urbane Project?

Excellence Assured

The reason TAUP is sure to impart knowledge successfully is because we ourselves are constantly striving to learn more every day. Trainers for our programme customize their methods of teaching so that each student’s learning experience caters to their specific individual requirements.

Starting Early

It is our whole-hearted belief that a towering personality must have a deep-rooted foundation and the key to a solid foundation lies in starting early. The Alpha Urbane Project conducts leadership training, personality development and guidance in various avenues such as public speaking and presentation for children of ages, even as young as eleven.

Holistic Development

Here at the Alpha Urbane Project, we believe in overall transformation. Our host of services aim towards fine tuning your spontaneity and communication skills and we also provide several opportunities to young minds, to hear from qualified experts on topics pertaining to work and university preparedness. The Alpha Urbane Project is thereby, the ultimate destination to ease your transition into the corporate world by building your repertoire of soft skills.

Reflective Learning

Reflective Learning is a way for members to learn from past mistakes with the help of computer based analysis, using the most in-depth data. Each participant will learn where their skills lie, and with the help of our very own mobile application, participants will realise their weaknesses and find ways to overcome them.

We give back

We at TAUP, contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities in which we operate, which is why a part of all our proceeds are donated towards charitable causes. We also work with non-governmental organisations to provide soft skill training, leadership and impart public speaking skills to the less fortunate.