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The Alpha Urbane Project is a platform committed towards championing enterprising young minds

Past Events


1st - 2nd September, 2018

The Alpha Urbane Project held their first edition of a Model United Nations on 1st and 2nd September 2018 at the prestigious DICE ecosystem. An amalgamation of cutting edge contest and quality debating, these two action packed days served as the perfect platform for students to come and display their talent. The highlight was pioneering young minds towards having a voice, sharing intelligent opinions and moulding their personalities themselves. Hence, 6 of their 17 committees were specially for students of grade 6 and 7 only, understanding that a little push can go a long way and the earlier it’s provided, the better. The various committee were chaired by young minds too. The idea was that that youth understands the youth best, new view points should be encouraged. Not because each one must be right but because each should have their own thoughts. The Aptitude testing system helped recognise that children have different potentials, it need only be tapped and it’s always a good idea to start out young. The closing ceremony was graced by Dr. Indu Shahni. In a wonderful culmination of the two intense days of MUNing, equal importance was given to the younger lot, who had their own special closing ceremony.

Jamnabai Narsee Model United Nations

15th - 16th November, 2018

One of the first of its kind to offer a platform to children right from the age of eleven, the JNMUN opened the doors of MUNning to students right from grade 6. With participation by nearly a 800 delegates, 10 Committees, and the cutting-edge methodology of providing aptitude tests to the attendees, it is in the running for Bombay’s largest Model UN Conference. This venture of TAUP was in association with Jamnabai Narsee School, and was held with the students of several other schools from across the city in attendance. The rigorous Organising Committee selection process began over a month in advance, providing an open forum for minds to engage in interesting dialogue in each committee. The delegates talked about pressing global and environmental issues, while thinking in a solution-oriented manner.

Universal Leaders Confluence

26th - 27th May, 2018

A special MUN, in anticipation of our premier conference, The Alpha Urbane Project MUN, this conference was only open to our past delegates, who showed the most potential.

This exclusive MUN had limited seats and thus featured the highest level of debate. With two committees, one for the 6th and 7th graders, and one for the 8th, 9th, and 10th graders, the committees performed very well and proved that no age bar can be placed on MUNning.


Dr. Indu Shahani
President and Chair, DICE Ecosystem

Having hosted The Alpha Urbane Project's first event, Mumbai Youth Summit, at the DICE Ecosystem, I got a first-hand chance to witness them work. Since then they have grown exponentially as a company in a very short timeframe. Their workshops held here, make me and the rest of the faculty immensely proud. Any event organised by The Alpha Urbane Project, has a stamp of excellence that few others can boast of. Their professionalism is second to none, and their diligence is on the same level. I look forward to hosting more of their programmes on our campus.

Rani Wankawala

My daughter participated in the Jamnabai Narsee Model United Nations Conference and needless to say, we were incredibly delighted. She came back with a comprehensive understanding of the conference thanks to the training sessions conducted by TAUP. I saw a marked difference in her ability to speak in public. She has started reading the newspaper and following global affairs ever since. I am looking forward to all of TAUP’s future conferences and workshops. I definitely recommend it to all parents looking for an opportunity to help develop their child’s confidence and communication skills.

Aisha Tharaney

Being a ninth grade student and balancing workload isn’t easy and I was always interested in pursuing activities outside the walls of my classroom. My elder brother attended a few MUNs and I would always wish for the same opportunity to temporarily release myself from academic pressure. Seeing his excitement, I decided to give MUNning a try and my first MUN was the Mumbai Youth Summit organized by the Alpha Urbane Project. Though I was nervous because of my lack of experience, the welcoming organizing committee made sure to clear my doubts. The committee was also very entertaining and our executive board made sure everyone was both talking, and having fun at the same time. For me, the best part was receiving a chocolate from the executive board when I maintained a good argument and I believe its these little things that helped me try that much harder to perform better, despite being a first- timer. I would recommend this experience to others of my age, especially because the organizing committee didn’t make me feel like a first-timer but rather, an equal to everyone else in my committee.